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We are Running at Full Capacity to

Help Our Clients through Challenging Times


We are pleased to share that all our service, administrative operations, and sales functions remain operational to support your needs.


Aligned with the recommendations of health officials, and to help prevent further spread of the virus, we have mobilized all employees who can perform their jobs from home while continuing to serve you. We’ve engaged our business continuity plan to ensure our teams are operational and fully equipped to support our clients and friends. We are so proud of our many talented and caring employees who are making it happen under these unique circumstances.


We’re grateful that many of you have reached out to Image Matters for help and advice on transitioning your organization to support a work from home environment.  We have done so much good together in such a short time.


Our team members have been well-educated in personal hygiene practices in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the World Health Organization guidelines. Please know that our employees are taking the necessary precautions at all times to protect you and your employees.

We are dedicated to providing our best service and technology solutions for your organization. Our experienced customer service and sales representatives are dedicated to maintaining our successful business operations throughout this challenging time.


Finally, we would like to thank all of our clients. You are valued and our team is here to help you and your team however we can. Thank you for your continued support and your business. 

JD Sullivan


Bob Lovelace

Vice President

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